Diocese of Chichester Safeguarding

The Diocese of Chichester process all DBS applications through Thirtyone:eight. All parishes must be registered in order to administer their own DBS applications for those eligible employees and volunteers working in their own parish.

The person who administers DBS’s for the parish is called the Lead Recruiter. The DBS is only part of the Safer Recruitment process so the Lead Recruiter would also oversee the other parts of this including the completion of an application form, references, short interview and follow up assessments.

In larger parishes, it is possible to register more than one person with Lead Recruiter access to the system. A Recruiter can be registered for the same parish to help with identity verification.

All parishes are registered and have a unique organisation reference number and organisation code. Direct debits are set up and parishes pay for each DBS application. £6 for a volunteer and £46 for a paid worker.

The Safeguarding Officer is often, but not always also the Lead Recruiter.

Clergy DBS applications are processed through Church House.

If you need to change the Lead Recruiter or Recruiter contact details, please use the form here.

All volunteer DBS’s should be registered within 30 days of issue with The Update Service.

Please call Kim Nash on 01273 425 680 if you have any questions.