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Abuse Trial Sentencing

Abuse Trial Sentencing

In responding to today’s sentencing of Wilkie Denford and Michael Mytton, the Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, said it was an outcome that was welcomed. He said: “The sentencing is an indication of the seriousness of their crimes and the importance of bringing their actions to light and to justice.

"We would like to place on record our thanks to the police for the way in which they conducted this investigation and supported survivors and their families in the pursuit of truth.  

“The crimes committed by Mr Denford and Mr Mytton were not reported to the Diocese of Chichester prior to 2011. Notification of the serious allegations against these two men we had formerly trusted was the result of our working relationship with Sussex Police and the local authority. This indicates the vital importance of an inter-agency approach to safeguarding and a shared determination to make Sussex safe for children and vulnerable adults.

"Over and above that, however, we hope that today will mark a milestone for the survivors who have had to live through this trial.  To them we offer an unreserved apology and an assurance that we have heard and we believe the terrible story they have had to tell."