Diocese of Chichester Safeguarding

The Safeguarding Team can be contacted at Church House, Hove on 01273 421021. Individual contact details for the team are given below. 

Please note that all messages left for the team, by email, mobile or landline, are checked during normal office hours only. Messages are not routinely checked during evenings or weekends. Requests for urgent assistance should be directed to the statutory authorities in Sussex (see What Do I Do If? and Useful Links sections of this site). 

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

With operational primary responsibility for casework, training and policy for all aspects of child and adult safeguarding. Colin is a former Probation Officer, with experience of working in public protection teams in Birmingham, Sussex, and Surrey, prior to joining the Diocese in 2011.

Tel: 01273 425792 / 07500 771210
@: colin.perkins@chichester.anglican.org

Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

I work with the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser to provide advice and assistance to churches throughout the diocese in matters of safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. I also manage the interface between parishes, police and local authorities when serious safeguarding concerns come to light, this includes when a child or adult has been harmed, when a criminal offence has been committed against or related to a child or vulnerable adult or when there is an indication that a person poses a risk to children or adults.

Tel: 01273 425793 / 07881580310
@: morag.keane@chichester.anglican.org

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

I am an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) working for Survivors Network, co-located between the Survivors Network offices in Brighton and the Diocesan Safeguarding Team at Church House in Hove. I offer support to anyone who has experienced sexual violence and/or abuse within the Church. I provide emotional and practical advocacy support, and can support survivors to understand their options in terms of possible reporting to the Police, or making a complaint via the Church CDM procedures. I can also provide consultancy support to Clergy or others in the Church supporting people who have experienced sexual or domestic violence who may not want or need to work with me directly.

Tel: 01273 421021 / 07825235872

@: heleni@survivorsnetwork.org.uk

Safeguarding Administrator

My role includes the update of clergy DBS’s, answer telephone calls for safeguarding department, reply to parish safeguarding questions, coordinate parish safeguarding administration, organise safeguarding training events, record minutes for safeguarding meetings .

Tel: 01273 425680

@: kim.nash@chichester.anglican.org