Diocese of Chichester Safeguarding

There have been a number of developments in safeguarding training, at both a diocesan and national level. The new CofE Safeguarding Training and Development practice guidance provides a clear structure for safeguarding training across our churches which must be renewed every 3 years.

There are four key safeguarding modules that will form the framework of safeguarding training in the CofE:

'C0' - This is a 'core' module that contains basic messages about safeguarding. It is an e-learning module and can be delivered to groups or even congregations. C0 is designed to raise awareness across churches, and the emphasis is that 'safeguarding is everyone's responsibility'.

'C1' - this is the 'foundation module' that everyone who works/volunteers with children and adults in our parishes needs to complete. It is delivered in this Diocese either through group training sessions, or via e-learning. Please note: the e-learning version of C1 is available, please see E-learning page.

'C2' - this is a leadership module, for clergy and for lay leaders who lead groups involving children or vulnerable adults, or who have responsibility for implementing good safeguarding practice. Please note: C2 is an additional module for leaders, building on the foundation of C1. It does not replace C1.

'C3' - This is the core module for clergy in the Diocese. Completion of BOTH C1 and C2 within a three-year period is the equivalent of C3. We are not running C3 separately.

'C5' - This is refresher training to be undertaken every 3 years by those who have completed C1,C2 or C3.

Our volunteer training team have delivered over one hundred training sessions since January 2014, and will continue to deliver the 'C1' training across the Diocese. 'C2' will be delivered by the Diocesan Safeguarding Team and some members of the volunteer team. There will also be specialist modules (for instance about domestic abuse) which will be delivered by the Safeguarding Team, although they will not be available until next year.

Please click on the 'Training Events' link on this page, which will give you details of the availablity of training events, and how to book on them.