Diocese of Chichester Safeguarding

I am worried about the mental health of someone in my church

If you are reading this section, you will probably be concerned that someone is either a risk to themselves or to someone else. You may know someone who is suicidal, or who has an eating disorder, or you may know someone whose behaviour appears to place others at risk.

This can be a very difficult situation but there are good sources of information available to help you understand what your options are for responding. In the first instance you should be aware of the Sussex Mental Healthline, which can be accessed both by people experiencing mental health problems themselves, and also by carers or other people who are concerned.

You should also be aware of the charity Mind, which also has a helpline plus a lot of information which will help you understand what might be causing the symptoms you are observing, and how to respond.

If you are concerned that the person you are worried about is suicidal, you can advise them to contact their GP, to attend their local Accident and Emergency department, or to contact their local Crisis Mental Health team.